brownriggs coaches, cumbria, uk

Brownrigg's Coaches

brownrigg's coaches, cumbria, uk


53-57 Seater Coaches

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Code of Ethics Statement

The board of Directors recognise that their principal asset is its people and their commitment to provide a consistent and quality service to its customers in conducting its business while striving to meet its corporate aims. Its employees and Directors will adopt the following principles:

Exercise honesty and diligence in performing their duties and undertaking their responsibilities

Maintain high standards of integrity, morality and competence

Not contravene national laws and relevant regulations in the conduct of their duties

Not enter into any activity that may result in a conflict of interest with the Company

Not accept anything of value which could be described as an inducement or which could impair their judgement

Not use the Companies’ confidential information for personal gain

Not act in a manner that could discredit the Company

Be loyal in all matters affecting the company, including matters relating to customers and others with whom the company has a commercial relationship

Not permit any act by a business or an employee carried out in connection with the running of a business that is considered to be corrupt, either under relevant law or by reference to good business practice

Management Involvement

S H Brownriggs Directors will take individual responsibility to ensure that this code of Ethics is considered carefully when making decisions or when purchasing and controlling work.

Workforce Involvement

This code of Ethics will be brought to the attention of all S H Brownrigg employees.


Contact Liza or Diane on 01946 820205 or email