brownriggs coaches, cumbria, uk

Brownrigg's Coaches

brownrigg's coaches, cumbria, uk


53-57 Seater Coaches

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Health & Safety Policy

The company will establish and maintain Health and Safety standards complying with current legislation, this policy will be reviewed annually or if work practices, patterns etc dictate otherwise.

Managers, supervisors and employees must appreciate the contribution that they personally must make to minimise the risk of injury, ill health, damage to property and environmental damage.

The company recognises the responsibilities placed on it by Health and Safety legislation and accepts that the safety and health of its employees and those affected by their work must be given priority. The company recognises that the statutory and legal obligations are minimum requirements only. Our legal and moral responsibilities to others and ourselves dictate that everyone must know and comply with the Safety, Health and Environmental rules and regulations pertaining to their work.

The company will take all reasonable and practicable steps to ensure that proper systems of work are devised and implemented by all personnel and that all structures, vehicles and equipment are properly maintained and managed.

The company will provide sufficient resources, personnel and finance, in order to meet the stated objectives in the policy. The company will provide sufficient information, training and supervision to its employees in pursuance of these objectives.

It is the duty of all personnel and visitors to take all reasonable precautions and actions to comply with the policy.

The contents of this document must be brought to the attention of all employees, suppliers, visitors and self employed personnel and it must be permanently displayed at all work locations.


Contact Liza or Diane on 01946 820205 or email